The Best Of The Internet For March 9th

Were you aware that Samuel L. Jackson is the highest grossing movie actor, not of this year but of ALL TIME! Yes I know you must be scratching your head, its actually very official. So official in fact that the Guinness Book of World Records has given him the accreditation “highest grossing movie actor of all time” more than Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, you name it he beats them all.  His films have made more than $7.4 billion box office!! This is helped by the fact of the sheer amount of movies he has appeared in. Making more than 100+ since he’s debut in 1991 Jungle Fever. (He’s 63 now and shows no plan of slowing down) Here’s a comical trip down memory lane.

How media has changed over the last decade

There has been a lot of changes in the media industry, especially in broadcasting over the last few years which have given rise to new and dynamic ideas in TV programming. Perhaps one of the biggest advancement was the introduction of digital TV. A few years back, we had no choice but to buy VCRs or DVDs. It was either that or wait patiently for movie releases then crowd in cinemas just to get a glimpse of our favorite movies. We can confidently say that digital TV has come as a blessing in disguise for us. Now people can stream latest shows or movies without even moving a muscle, all in the comfort of their homes. All thanks to the invention of streaming services such Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu. Here are the key changes that have had an impact in our lives; • The birth of social media We are living in a social world these days. Long gone are the days where phone calls and mail really meant Read More …