Snapchats Spectacles Changing Media Recording And Consumption

How Spectacles By Snap Inc. Are Changing Media Recording And Consumption

When Google’s, ‘Glass’ failed miserably back in 2015, most people thought this niche was somehow too far-fetched to pursue or ahead of its time. However, Google Glass took photos and videos, but also allowed you to surf the web at an all-time cost of $1,500. That was nothing like the new Snap Inc. Spectacles that hit the market only a few months ago. Although it was the first time LA’s app company (famously known for Snapchat) went into hardware products, the outcome has been loved by at least everyone who has laid their hand on Spectacles. That is not to say that everything was perfect; the sunglasses can
sure do with some enhancements and additional features. However, most people were satisfied with how they performed. In fact, Spectacles (as they are popularly known) are a great step that will bring about unparalleled media evolution and revolutionize both media consumption and social media in general. Here is a brief look at how the spectacles work, what it means for video content and consumption, as well as the impacts on Snap Inc. There are some considerable differences between Google Glass and Snapchats Spectacles.



What are Spectacles and how do they work?
As aforementioned, Spectacles refers to a special group of sunglasses produced by Snap Inc. to enable the capture of short videos in 10-second intervals. The spectacles, which are basically sunglasses, feature one button at the top left which initializes the capture of a 10-second video. You can extend the length by another 10 seconds and record up to 30 seconds on video in 10-second splits. The clips are however shown as a running video once synced with the Snapchat app. After syncing, the videos are listed in the Memories Section of Snapchat in a new tab labeled “Specs.” Syncing can be done via Bluetooth or using WIFI and works with both android and iOS devices, which helps with its adoption rate. The hardware comes nicely wrapped in its package which contains a charging case, USB cable and a cleaning cloth shaped like the Snapchat ghost. These spectacles sync with the app once it is open and you press the single button in the top left while looking at the app. Bluetooth connection is more efficient than WIFI, but they both give you the same result. Once the videos are captured, they can be shared with Snapchat friends and distributed to other social media.

The design and video content
Spectacles are a clear depiction of the media evolution that has been taking place and possibility of overreach. The sunglasses are just like your ordinary glasses, albeit with an additional button used to capture the videos. The design is slim and quite lightweight, which is amazing and unexpected. Two sets of whimsical LED lights show up when recording to tell those around that you have started recording. Since a camera is embedded in the glasses those not familiar with them may not know you are recording them. It is quite fun to record using Spectacles as the lights are unlike your conventional intimidating red lights. A smooth light blinks on the inside while a tiny LED swirls at the front section. Perhaps the most important thing to note is the video content and its consumption. Spectacles allow you to record up to 30 seconds of video and quickly share via Snapchat including to other social media. The quality of videos cannot be compared to those you get from an iPhone or high-end android smartphones, but they are still clear enough that the video is shareable. Don’t expect very high HD quality, though. Spectacle is not about recording lengthy video shots used for long form content. Rather, it is designed for moment sharing and quick video consumption, think about stuff in the moment that you wish a friend could see. It is purely designed for social purposes to notify your friends and followers what is taking place in real time and share fun moments. It is also the first hardware from Snap Inc. who recently changed their name from Snapchat to Snap Inc. since they now have more than one product. In terms of business, this pair of sunglasses will really boost Snap Inc. to a new level in the market, especially with regards to media consumption as it will help get consumers to identify more deeply with the Snapchat platform. The glasses come at around $129.95 and have a recharging kit that will power the Spectacles up to 4 times.

Spectacle is only the first of many wearable tech pieces to come from technology companies and with improving technology, the quality, length and supported capture size will definitely increase. The syncing time and efficiency are also expected to improve in future models. The glasses neatly snap into the casing and are clear. You have three different colors (black, coral and teal) to choose. Although you only get 30 seconds of recording, the glasses get more intuitive and interesting once you start capturing and sharing the media.

How media has changed over the last decade

There has been a lot of changes in the media industry, especially in broadcasting over the last few years which have given rise to new and dynamic ideas in TV programming. Perhaps one of the biggest advancement was the introduction of digital TV. A few years back, we had no choice but to buy VCRs or DVDs. It was either that or wait patiently for movie releases then crowd in cinemas just to get a glimpse of our favorite movies. We can confidently say that digital TV has come as a blessing in disguise for us. Now people can stream latest shows or movies without even moving a muscle, all in the comfort of their homes. All thanks to the invention of streaming services such Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu. Here are the key changes that have had an impact in our lives;

• The birth of social media
We are living in a social world these days. Long gone are the days where phone calls and mail really meant a lot to us. Receiving a phone call was more of an achievement to many of us. These were the days when mobile phones were just built for calls and messages only. The coming of smartphones was the beginning of a new era. Social media found its way in our lives and so far it’s like it has taken over the world. These days it’s absurd to hear about someone with no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. What is the point of interacting with just a few people in your phonebook while you can join the bandwagon and speak to the entire world? To some, adjusting to these changes has become a huge milestone. Businesses rely on social media too, another reason why it has become more of a challenge living without adapting to the new ways. Here are some of the ways social media is being used;

1. Advertising and marketing
This is the main reason why not having a Facebook or Twitter account is absurd. How do you plan on getting your business out there? Billions of people use social platforms, what better way is there of reaching out to them? In other words, advertising has just been simplified for us. Some employers would ask for your social media accounts too. Reason being, they want to see the kind of influence and followership you have on people. Some people have landed good-paying jobs just simply because they were social enough. Brands use celebrities to sell their products. There is a good reason why they settle for celebs and not just any other person.

2. Self-employment strategies
Head over to YouTube and you will be shocked by the number of vlogs, vines and tutorial videos you are going to see there. These vloggers and viners make a fortune from what they do. The music and movie industry use this platform to attract people. An exclusive music video or movie trailer can attract millions of views in just a few days. That’s how powerful technology has become.
It is no doubt that media has changed and it will be ridiculous not adapt to these changes. Life revolves around these advancements, meaning not embracing them is like missing out on life itself.